Assignment 1 - Get Trasaction data - where to add "out_TransactionItem("WIID").ToString”

Hello ,

In the assignment 1 of Advanced Developer training module ,

I am in the section - Open the Framework\GetTransactionData workflow

I have set if condition as per the walkthrough document and set then and else with Assign activity as mentioned in walkthrough document .
Now it says as below
The activities are already in place, so we only need to change the value of TransactionID in the Assign activity to “out_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString”.

I dont know where to set the above rule in asign activity as i have already used assign activity for then and else section

In the screenshot, you have assigned the out_TransactionItem.
You have to add one more Assign Activity for the out_TransactionId in true condition of If loop.

out_TransactionID = out_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString

do i have to leave else section empty

Yes. It is not required in the Else section.

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thank you so much Karthik :pray:

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