Assignment 1 fails many times even run without any errors

Hello guys ! Please help.
I have done the assignment 1 and the workflow run without any errors. After submitting, it seems only 30 sec to result but my friends got longer time to get the result. Not sure if it’s because the uploading fails or my workflow fail. I have followed instructions to reset data, check all status changes and beaware of space between ClientID,Name and Country. My result still 0/100 after 7 times fixed.

Hi @tingly9942

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I think bit would be some technical issue

May @loginerror can help u with that

Hi @tingly9942

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When you get 0/100, I typically advise to browse through these topics:

Each topic from that list contains a post that is marked as a solution to the 0/100 score, which might give you more hints as to what is going wrong there.

If it still doesn’t seem like there is something to fix in the process, you can try contacting our Academy Support here: