Assignment 1 failing to upload (1.7 MB) i had uploaded twice but my workflow is failed it is showing 0/100 can anyone suggest what changes i need to do ?

Please check evaluation comments.

Follow these steps -

  1. Reset the test data before starting the workflow
  2. Make sure work items status are completed
  3. Make sure work items comment uploaded with a right text
  4. DO NOT RESET the data until the evaluation is done

Karthik Byggari

it is showing total items:20 and completed items:20 but correct items :0 can anyone where i am going wrong

DId you developed as per PDD instructions? Check if you are missing any steps…

yes,i had developed using PDD instructions


You have to check the hash code without spaces between the code.

I am passing like this in sha1 ineed to change this

Check once if you get the customer details with space or without space.

my customer information

I had given gap after the ClientID in the value while i am writing code it is because the data i am not getting properly from the extraction it is getting like D: kibert-hasj-2345 so i had given gap in the client ID value but the client information which i am extracting is correct i had not given any spaces between them

Your cus details is in with space, So you can delete the spaces between them.

But I had not given any spaces ,I had passed clientid+“-”+clientname+“-”+clientcountry there is no space between what i pass to hashcode

You will observe your details in the output pannel.

Hash code is correct, But you passed the details with spaces.