Assignment 1 Failing for the 10th time

Dear All,
I have rectified all the issues related to Assignment one that I found in the forum. Yet am still getting 0/100. Am attaching my whole project if someone can assist I will be grateful. i have been struggling with this for the past 3 days.
1- I made sure the work items are completed.
2- I check no space for the hashcode.
3- I used the brackets for “[”+ClientID.Trim+“]-[”+ClientName.Trim+“]-[”+ClientCountry.Trim+“]”
4- Same email for the academy and ACME application. (2.7 MB)

Thanks in advance for your support

@UiPathMaster @uipath
Kindly please assist there should be a mechanism to provide some feedback for the assignments.

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Hello everyone,
I figured out the mechanism where you can make sure that your assignment will pass.
1- Run your workflow
2- Make sure that the items has been completed.
3- Navigate to User Options -->> Check Training Assignment
4- If your results are passed as per the screenshot.

5- Upload your workflow and you will pass.

Thanks in advance

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forgot to mention don’t use the brackets when sending the ClientID-ClientName-ClientCountry.

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