Assignment 1 - Failed

Hi there

I get a “failed” response when uploading my assigment. However when I run it on my side and check the results, all are updated to status “Completed” and all have a Hash code. See image below. I use same email address for my acme app and the login to uipath.

Hi @ColinCrabtree,
Can you check manually if for this object hash code will be the same?

Hi @Pablito

The below example when I run and display the concatenated input.

Below is the client info used to do the concatenation.


The only thing I do is convert to lower as I saw somewhere on the forum that this is required.


Correct me if I’m wrong but SHA1 website is case sensitive. I don’t think conversion to lower is needed. If it’s not in walkthrough instruction then it’s not needed.

@Pablito - Cool going to try that now :slight_smile:

@Pablito - ok that did not work - same failed result.

below is the run with a message box to show the input

below is the manual input of the same and the hash codes are the same.


And the hash is the same here like for this object in Acme website?

Can you try covert code from ?

I saw the result was not the same as your screenshot.

@Pablito, The first image is the a screen shot of the Hash code generator website as the WF is running. The hash code can be seen at the bottom. The 2nd image is the same website where i manually type in the same details. You can see the Hash code is the same.

@Wichien. You have a typo in the name “Marian” vs “Mirian” :slight_smile:

Oh sorry let me correct and attach the result. But the result is lower case. It might be the reason why it’s not correct.

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@Wichien - I see that !!! :open_mouth: That is strange. I thought SHA1 was a standard conversion. It should produce same results everywhere.

SHA1 is a standard conversion. It has a standard binary output. But most sites will translate that raw binary into hex for output. And because hex uses letters, some sites display those letters as uppercase, others do as lowercase

As for the original question, since I can’t know how the Assignment evaluating code works, I don’t know if it’s taking the hash “as is” (string) or converting to the real value internally, so I don’t know if that’s the cause. I would just use the website suggested in the assignment to be sure.

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Ok so i swapped out to use the suggested website but get this error:

NB: I know it says “chrome” in the tile of the attache browser but I can assure you it is IE as the browser type. I forgot to change the description :crazy_face:

with this selector:

ok sorted the selector issue out. this one works:

Ok am now at a complete loss !! The following screen shot is from manually entering the client concatenated details:

The following screen shot is taken after I ran my WF to update the same record. The Hashcode is the same and the status is set to “Completed”. However the results from the submission to test it comes back FAILED with no items processed.


Ok this is pretty ridiculous. When I submit my assignment via IE it work fine but fails as above when submitted through Chrome !!! :rage: Bitter sweet !

So to summarize this thread:

  1. Use only the recommended Sha1 code generator as others may return resulting Hashcodes in upper case and the Robot that evaluates your assignment is a pedantic little bastard that needs the codes in the original case.

  2. Get your selectors right. They can be tricky.

  3. When submitting your assignment, submit it via IE as Chrome does not seem to work

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I’m glad that it finally works for you. Just wanted to add that all websites you need to follow through this assignments are made to work the best on IE exactly. Don’t remember but I think there is information somewhere in the assignment. Anyway like they say: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” :slight_smile: Happy Automation :rocket:

Hi Pawel

After this assignment I agree that IE works better with UiPath. It’s just none of us have been using IE for years now. But will stick to it for UiPath.

The reason I used another SHA1 website was that at one stage the recommended one was down for a while and I did not want to loose time on the assignment. I just never swapped back.

Thanks for all the support on this :grinning:

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