Assignment 1 -Calculate Client Security Hash selector issue

hi all,
I am doing the assignment 1, stuck for about 2 weeks at the stage where we are require to extract info from the work page, my selector keep giving me error. please advise how should i edit my selector in order for the process to run smoothly please help???

the selector i use for attach browser step

the selector for attach browser is as showing below

Hi @rubyyx,
It looks like you are using Chrome, have you tried using internet explorer?

Try to have more attributes that are appropriate to build a reliable selector.

hello, yes I have also tried IE but stillhaving the same issue

hello, do you have any advise what type of attribute should be add?

Open in ui explorer and see what other attributes are available to select from the list

Use this below selector in attach browser and check, @rubyyx
make title as → title=‘ACME System 1 -*’

but this will only be directed to the main page, I need to be directly to the work items page

If you want to directed to work items page then you can use “NavigateTo” activity. @rubyyx