Assignment 1 Advanced training, Login error


I have some issues when doing the Assignment 1. When I run the System1_login.xaml it opens IE and writes the credentials, but when clicking Log In then comes an error message (see attachment). After that when I open IE window where the automation been done then I am Successfully in logged. what can cause this problem?



have you enabled the simulate click or sendwindowMessage.?

Where should i do that? I paste my workflow here.
System1_LogIn.xaml (13.9 KB)

Hi this is not the issue with any click button this is the issue with Throw activity, you have used “Throw inncorrect Credentials” name throw activity in the same flow, this should come in try catch block in try you should have all other code and if there is any error in try ten in catch block we can use Throw and rethrow activities. if you remove “Throw inncorrect Credentials” this will work as expected.

check here how to use throw and rethrow


Why have you used this ? -


you must use a try catch instead and even if you are using rethrow try to change properties like this -


That activity is running everytime even if login is successful. Use try catch block

Seems like it’s working, Thank you for your help!!

Regards Mikael