Assignmenet 2 : GenerateYearlyReport-Performer, no more transaction items

I am doing the GenerateYearlyReport assignment, the dispatcher is working completely fine , It is getting Populating the queue.
In the performer part, the Get Transaction item is creating some kind of error : it is showing no more transaction data, without even accessing the transaction items.

My queue :

Get transaction item fetches the items with ‘new’ status and change it to ‘in Progress’. While the screenshot shows all items are already in progress.

So get transaction item doesn’t find any item with new status that’s why returning no items found.

Get queue item activity can be used with property set to in progress items.

Nilay Varshney

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Hi , thanks for the reply Nilay,
When i am trying to do that I am getting an error :

Unlike the get transaction item that retrieves one transaction at a time has a output variable of type ‘queueitem’

In get queue item activity the output variable will be of type ‘IEnumerable queueitem’ which represents a collection of queue items.

If you don’t want to use queue item then you could preferably re populate the queue and use get transaction item activity.

Nilay Varshney

hi nilay , every time I am repopulating the status is getting set to in progress, how to make it new?
thanks in advance ,

1)use add queue item to populate the queue.
2)check with the queue a bit later for items to get uploaded to the queue.
3)Make sure the filter when you are viewing the queue is not set to “in progress”
4) try with a new queue in orchestrator for a temporary workaround.
Nilay Varshney

Hi Nilay , thanks a lot for your help , your input on the status being in progress made me realize where I am going wrong .I made a mistake in my dispatcher.
instead of add queue item activity (where status is set to new), I used Add transaction item activity(this sets the status as in progress ) , hence the get transaction item was not able get the items from the queue.

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