Assigning values for final row of a data table

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I have scraped some data from a web application and it appears as below:

The number of rows may change from time to time but the ‘Net Unexplained Difference’ will always be the last row. How would I extract and assign the highlighted values?

Hello @chend

var CCY2-USD =“Column-0 like ‘%Net Unexplained Difference%’”)(0)(“Accounted CCY2 USD”).ToString

var CCY2-AUF =“Column-0 like ‘%Net Unexplained Difference%’”)(0)(“Accounted CCY2 AUD”).ToString

for more help on DataTable.Select refer below link

Hi Askshay,

Thank you for the comment, this definitely will be useful.

I have created a work around:

1.To scrape only the 'Net Unexplained Difference" row only
2.This transposes the data into a column, where the ‘Net Unexplained Difference’ becomes the first row of the data.
3.Removed the first row of data.


Let us take you scraped data and stored in a datatable dta

As you told your required value will be always in Last row.

strAccountedCCY2USD= dta.Rows(dta.Rows.Count-1)(“Accounted CCY2 USD”).ToString

strAccountedCCY2AUD= dta.Rows(dta.Rows.Count-1)(“Accounted CCY2 AUD”).ToString


This would be great but the currency can vary e.g. NZD, USD, AUD and so forth.
Would it be possible to replace the currency with *?

E.g. strAccountedCCY2= dta.Rows(dta.Rows.Count-1)(“Accounted CCY2*”).ToString




If the column Index remains same then use column index instead of column Name.

strAccountedCCY2USD= dta.Rows(dta.Rows.Count-1)(1).ToString

strAccountedCCY2AUD= dta.Rows(dta.Rows.Count-1)(2).ToString



Hi Mahesh1,

Thank you for the assistance. This worked out great.

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