Assigning data table to data row


How would i assign a data table to a data row.
I have the below

out_TransactionItem[DataRow] = io_TransactionData[DataTable]



mention like this buddy

out_TransactionItem = io_TransactionData.Rows(rowindex)

where rowindex is of integer type which usually starts from 0 buddy
try this buddy and this will work for sure

Cheers @Automater999


did that work buddy @Automater999

yes thank you

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Cheers buddy @Automater999

Hi @Palaniyappan so i did this and i think it worked. However.

I am trying to loop through the list of vendors on the acme site. Not sure where i am going wrong but it keeps processing the same row in the list but i want it to increment each row. See below. The in-transactionNumber is not being incremented past 1 so it is processing this sequence over and over, hence why i keep getting the first row in the table returned

buddy once after you assign the value to out_TransactionItem with io_TransactionDate.Rows(rowindex)
increment this rowindex with a assign activity buddy
and make sure that once you reach the last row it should stop there and go with the next process for that you can use if condition like this
rowindex < io_TransactionDate.Rows.Count
within this if condition you can use the assign activity to out_TransactionItem and followed by an increment with assign activity like this
rowindex = rowindex+1

Thats all buddy @Automater999

Im not really sure what you mean by this. should the assign look like this?

io_TransactionData.Rows(0) = io_TransactionData.Rows(0+1)


yes buddy @Automater999

Hmm, getting an error for that

I figured it out

The assign activity needed to be as shown below

out_TransactionItem = io_TransactionData.Rows(in_TransactionNumber-1)

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