Assignement 2 - Performer: Get Transaction Item

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Hi All,

We are receiving following output when trying to print output of Get Transaction Item Activity. But we are not getting the right output. Please help.



In your Get Transaction Item, in the input I think you do write: in_config(“InHousseProcess4”)

And then, don’t forget in your invoke GetTransactionData in the import argument to assign in_config" to your “Config” variable.

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What is now.string that was assigned to out_transactionID

where do we have to assign this value ?

You no need to assign this value anywhere. That expression is for the writeline activity.

Please set the Output of Get Transaction Item to out_TransactionItem

To get the WIID value from the transaction item you have to use the below expression -


Getting this error


check this - out_TransactionItem.SpecificContent("WIID").ToString

Check your queue item and see what you have used. Use the same in the expression.


Thank You So Much . It Worked :slight_smile: