Assignement 2 - Performer: Get Transaction Item faulted

Hi all,
My performer close all from get transaction because it’s faulted. I don’t know why because I invoke the good QueueName as you can see and it recognize it and I have data in my Queue in Orchestrator.
Can you help me please?

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Please update the QueueName in the GetTransaction Item activity to the following -


Update the Value in excel for OrchestratorQueueName to InHouse_Process4 and delete the other one.

Thanks @KarthikByggari

As you can see, I did it, but I have exactly the same messages in the output

Actually your queuename in orchestartor and config are different :slight_smile:
small typo
you have InHousse_Process4 in Orchestrator and single ‘s’ in Config


I didn’t notice that. Good catch. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @nadim.warsi

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did you know by any chance why it’s wrong to invoke my Assign WIID is faulted as below

would need more detail to understand the issue.
Can you show me one of your queue item and what value it contains?

This is the queue with the value of the first one of my queue item list:

i think you can see the value you need to use right?

You are using .SpecifiContent(“WIID”) which means you want the value that argument WIID holds in the queue item.
But when you added the item your item is actually having argument with the name “in_WIID”

so you need to use the same arguments :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what do you mean exactly. Because I used the arguments and variable as it’s indicate on the pdf file.

He is right here, use this




thanks it’s good for this part

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@PrankurJoshi and @nadim.warsi my process run almost until the end but I think it’s very very slow because it take more than 5h to create and upload yearly reports. Would you know what it is due to?

See these

Checkout this thread:

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Thanks a lot @PrankurJoshi and @nadim.warsi.
However I don’t why now it told me that “read csv” is faulted :frowning:

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will need the reason why it faulted.
Could be the incorrect path

no because when it type the path it’s the correct path, I changed nothing compared to yesterday.
In fact, it save the report and then instead of to go to the next month, it open an other IE window and reconect to ACME system1. I don’t have error message, just “read csv faulted”

I move my delay before read csv and now it’s run :slight_smile: