Assign value workflow : do hint value has to be given in the guessing game workflow?


May i know what error are you getting here ?

Could you please tell more details about the issue. So that we can check and help you better in this.

I have been asked smaller n bigger value whatever the number i click 0-1000

@Swagasmini_Jena, can you please be more specific?

In the guessing game in work flow control flow part 3 advanced control flow of foundation training check that. Need to input a number between 0-1000 the user has to guess n the workflow will tell if it is smaller or bigger


That we understood. You can enter any number between 0 to 1000 and then try it.

But my question is why you posted this query here ? Are you facing any issue ?

Yes I cannot get the output is “This is the number” its only showing enter a smaller number n enter a bigger number


Yes until you enter the correct number and it will show like this only and these are clues to enter correct number.

How can i know the correct number. Is the variable by default gets a value