Assign user to variable inside App


I would like to know which user that uses the app, so how can I assign the username/email to a variable?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Michaeljep

e.g. via the environment variable:

in the app studio?
In Ui studio it will give me the user on the computer that executes the process, I need the username that triggers the process.

Are you talking about UiPath Apps Studio in Automation Cloud?

As far as I know this is currently not supported. Of course, you could set values while the related page is loading but the framework does not give you any standard variables from automation cloud you could use to place there.

That’s what I feared, maybe it’s something that will be added in the future.

Thanks for the question @Michaeljep! We don’t currently have this exposed in authoring, but we do have it in our backlog. In the meantime, you can always return the user’s name via an attended process.

Hi Evan, do you have any update on this? :slight_smile:

Hi @Obsev! We plan to ship that this summer :slight_smile:

Great news, thanks for update!