Assign TransactionID - "Index was outside the bounds of the arrary" - Solutions not working - Assignment 1 Level 3

Okay I have searched the forum here and all of the solutions that I have found aren’t working for me when it comes to this.


Here are my aruguments in the Get Transaction Workflow

Here are my variables in the Main workflow

What value you have assigned or Initialized to this @jessica.lewis?

Just for confirmation
Print dt_Wls.count and transaction number value


I’m sorry but I’m not sure I know what you mean

I mean what is the value of dt_wls.count and transaction number in get transaction data workflow

in_TransactionNumber has a value of “0” in the main workflow.

dt_WIs does not have an assigned value in the get transaction data workflow

The value should be positive or zero… so initialise it with 1 and check once @jessica.lewis

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