Assign Transaction ID

the project Client Security Hash
was working fine…was trying to fix the error related to index and then not moving beyond this point

@nishu What’s your Transaction number initially?


I guess you set TransactionNumber to 0 in Init state.

If yes then set to 1 and then try once.

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Hi @nishu

If the TransactionNumber is set to 1 in the Main.xaml, in the assign activity, specify it as:

dt_WorkItems(In_TransactionNumber - 1)

if it is set to 0, then the code should be

Can you check this and try again?

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In Main set the TransactionNumber in variable panel as “1”.
and check the row count of the dt_WorkItem in the message box before the If condition to check whether the data’s present in the dt_WorkItems or not.
TransactionNumber will be automatically incremented in the SetTransactionStatus workflow, So need of incrementing transaction number again in your workflow.

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The project works fine…why do i get these errors still?

In the close applications.xaml file, your selector which you have used for the attach browser is not working… that’s why you are getting the error…

Just make sure the selector matches the page your application is in, at the time it is getting into close applications xaml… Or else, make the title of the selector dynamic using wild cards so that it will work fine…

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Just put this selector in the attach browser,
“html title=‘SHA1 online’ />”.

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