Assign: The Given Key was not Presented in the Dictionary


I was trying to run an automate for an excel, but there i am getting the error that is stated above. I have been trying to debug the error but nothing has been working out yet. This occurs at the moment that i am trying to assign a value to one of the columns of the excel file. Attached you can see the pictures. I would really appreciate some help. Regards



@John_Briceno_Torres I guess when you’re adding the values to the Queue, you’re adding the double quotes along with the name as the argument name for the Add queue Item Activity. I’m not sure If you need it, but you can just keep the Argument name without the Double Quotes to access the values just by the name.

If possible can you show us the Add Queue Items Activity Arguments?

Thanks a lot! the mistake was actually with the double quote when i was filling the data in the Add queue item activity (1). When i took them off and rerun all, it worked perfectly (2). Thanks for the assistance!

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