Assign: The Given Key was not Presented in the Dictionary Level 3 Assignment 2


I encounter a problem where the output of my assign value was not presented in the dictionary.

“Assign: The given key was not present in the dictionary.”

I wonder what possible errors that I may have made. Thank You!

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Kindly check once with your QueueItem whether we have any field named WIID
Cheers @siaochuenchong

Hi Palaniyappan,

Yes, My Orchestrator Queue has WIID.

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Is the queue name mentioned correctly
And is that QueueItem variable is passed as input to this IN argument in_TransactionItem


Yes, The Queue name is mentioned correctly. This happens in the Process stage, not the Get Transaction Item from Orchestrator works fine. It was pass to the in_TransactionItem in the Process stage too!

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Maybe there is other problem inside?

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We need to check with the TransactionItem input variable passed to the argument in_TransactionItem

Cheers @siaochuenchong

Hi checked my out_TransactionItem from Orchestrator by debugging, but I can’t see the WIID been extracted. Maybe that is the problem, but I don’t know where to change it.

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Yah the issue is with source from where we get the data
Check whether the value is obtained
Cheers @siaochuenchong

Hi palaniyappan,

The Specific Values such as Specific Data, WIID, Description, and Type is not extracted.
What is the possible error that may have occur??

may i know how you are fetching them along your process

In the Dispatcher process, I fetch the data and place it into the Orchestrator.


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have you got the solution I am facing same issue