Assign split words in data rows

I want to split the content in a cell(xml) , what variable need to use. This is the currently problem

Firs u need to asign to the string the value from the row


strbodymail = row("Body").ToString

Now in other assign use

strbodymail = strbodymail.Split("",c)


EDIT: Sorry, i dont see that strbodymail is a datacolumn type, ¿are u trying to get all the column and split all the values in each row?

yep, i’m trying to do like that.

You can upload a xlsx example file?

example.xaml (18.6 KB)

sure, this is the file. thanks for helping bcs Ive tried to split the column already

I want an example of the excel or txt file from where are u getting data, sorry i dont specified

¿What are u trying to do with split?, i see in the xlsx sheet “List of…” a emails and more information, whats your goal?

i am trying to split the column from body, which they will detect a keyword. this is a problem when i tried to implement the project. sorry for ur confusion.


can you explain what do you want to achieve?

my objective are; from the column (Body Email) it can detect a keyword. right now, I am trying to split the column so the UiPath can recognize a the specific word like maintenance, shipping, etc.

That word needs be detected in the same column (in ur example, “Body”) row by row? Ok im understanding, when u detect the specific world, are u trying to get that cell and input to another table?

you want to check the words llike “maintenance” or “shipping” etc…
in body email.

is that correct? if yes you can use the activity


where you can select the option “contains”

yep, it will transfer to another spreadsheet and send the email to the person who is assigned. the list of people who is assign is actually just for a sidenote I made for myself.

already use it, but it still have error.

so you can use this below
email.xlsx (16.9 KB) example.xaml (26.1 KB)


Thank you for helping sir! Happy automation :smile:

that’s nice solution! good work, ur problem has been fixed @f39b242a4f84ba555bd3 ?

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I am still trying, still in progress :smiley: but it really helps !