Assign Size

How can I assign size to IEnumerable variable?

Please refer the above post…!

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I used read column and added the data in ienumerable… It has nearly 70+ rows but only 20 is added…
Don’t know why its happening

Please help me to resolve the issue @Palaniyappan @HareeshMR

Did you read the above reply ?

Tried it … But its not working

output datatable and write it, see if all 70+ are coming correctly ?


Can you post how you are trying to add the values :slight_smile:?

We have an alternative which is List . In lists, it is very easy to add the values

Just used read column and read the column value

This way you can assign the size of a Ienumerable @Sweety_Girl


No its not working

I have giving the size but it takes only first 20 rows

No it takes only 20

then there is the issue !!!