Assign Named User Licence to only work within a VM


I have taken over a project to onboard a consultancy into my company to support us with our RPA / Automation requirements. Coming from a non technical background, I am trying to assign the two names user licences that we have on Orchestrator to only be accessible when logged into the VM we have set up.

As it stands, it seems that if i assign the named user licence to someone it is accessible outwith the VM and would breach our security set up.

Hi @Stephen_Queen, Please read more about Named User Permissions here: User licensing (

Named User
Ties the usage of UiPath software to an individual user. You must obtain a named user license for each user accessing the product or service.
For each Named User license, the user is entitled to using the licensed products from up to three devices (for example, their laptop, desktop, and mobile), as long as they use their licensed user account.

In addition:
Restricting access by IP (