Assign "MMM" Month format to variable

Hello all,

How I assign “MMM” e.g “SEP” month format to a variable?

Thanking you all

Hi @Yugal_Raju

How about this expression?

Use Assign activity

StrVal = Datetime.Now.Tostring("MMM")
StrVal = DateTime.Now.ToString("MMM").ToUpper


Hello @Yugal_Raju
Kindly try this Expression it may helps you"MMM").ToUpper



Your question remains a little bit open, as the business case cannot be derived from

When it is about getting the MMM from a date then the toString(“MMM”) will do it as mentioned by others above

When the short Month name is to retrieve in general have a look on following


Specific Culture (e.g. Spain)

It is working Thank you!

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