Assign = item from json

I have a json response where I want to get the value of the “ratio”.

If I want to assign the value of the “numerator” I would do: metric.SelectToken(“stats.count”).Value(Of int32 )

If I do the same for “ratio” I get “1”. I tried doing: metric.SelectToken(“stats.count”).Value(Of double) but it did not work. Has anyone an idea?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Example of one part of the response:

“metric”: “oServiceLevel”,
“stats”: {
“ratio”: 0.66666666666666663,
“numerator”: 2,
“denominator”: 3,
“target”: 0.8

have a look here:

there is no count property in this sample. For what else did you looked for retrieval?

I found the error. The variable was not declared as an double.

Thanks for your help, anyways