Assign end of this month + current Time into the textbox on the website

Hi Everyone.

I have an difficult issue when want to assign the End of this month + current time into the textbox on the IE textbox as below picture.

If I click to chose it will show interface as below, but I don’t know how to determine to chose end of this month.

How to do that ?

Thanks in advance!


DateTime.DaysInMonth(cINT(Date.Now.ToString(“yyyy”)),CINT(Date.Now.ToString(“MM”))).ToString()+date.Now.ToString("-MMM-yyyy HH:mm:ss")
Output: 31-Jul-2019 15:21:22

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Hi @ImPratham45

Thank you so much.

But how to show it into the field which I want to assign on the web ?

If there as an option for type that date then u can simply use type into activity in that the above solution

If u want to click on that date picker then use select item for month and year as:
for month:“MMM”)
and for date: DateTime.DaysInMonth(cINT(Date.Now.ToString(“yyyy”)),CINT(Date.Now.ToString(“MM”))).ToString()

Thanks you so much Bro :slight_smile:

If u get solution then please mark it as solution…
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