Assign Date to a variable and use in application

I need to extract the data of employees from an excel sheet .The excel sheet contains the DoB and I need to assign salary according to the DoB. The person born before 1995 will be credited a salary of 50000 and person born after 1995 will be credited a salary of 20000. I had tried and there was an issue with the date. Can somone help me.

what’s the issue you are having?
can you output your date?

Hi, I need to assign salary 20000 for a person born after 5/10/1995 and salary 5000 for person born before 5/10/1995.The emplpyee name and dato of birth is in the first sheet and salary is in the second sheet. How can I done that in UiPath

The name id and DoB is given…I need to find the salary and insert it into the salary Column. Can You help me

build a datatable, 2 columns {“DOB”,“salary”}

go through using for each.
if row.item(“DOB”).tostring contains 1995, assign row.item(“salary”) = “20000”

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