Assign Column 'product' does not belong to table

I am new to the UI path I do not know how to solve this problem.

@Evazel We would need to know what is the Expression used in the Assign Statement :sweat_smile:, Mostly You’re trying to access a Column which is not Present.

is there anyway to sent the project to you? it doesn’t allow me to sent the file

@Evazel We’ll try to solve it here and check if it is easily Solvable. Can you Show the Expression used in the Assign Statement?

which is the expression , sorry i am new

@Evazel The Assign Statement which got the error

@Evazel Ok . Are there any Excel Files included ? Or is it Scraping Table Data from a Website ? The Reason I’m Asking is that I want to know the Source of Data Present in ExtractDatatable

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Scraping table data from a website and excel files included

@Evazel Ok, Can you tell me, is there a Column Called “product” in the Website?

how do i check that :sweat_smile:

@Evazel When you run the process, You can check the Website right?

yes i can

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i was able to data scrap for example salmon , next item i got the error shown in the 1st image

this is an example, how do I go to hereafter I created to check if the column is there?

@Evazel Did you modify the Code?

yes i did to make it dynamic to search for multiple items

@Evazel So the Table Didn’t contain the “product” Column ?

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