Assign cell name with symbol " into string variable?


I am trying to read an excel file using For each and names of columns. I have a cell name which already contains the symbol ". How to do in order assign this cell name into a string variable?

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Hello there.

Thanks for the inquiry.

You will need to assign it like this

Variable1 = row.item(“header ame”).Tostring.replace(“”“,”")


Hi @beesheep

I am getting this error:

So the header name is Status “example”.
When I use this:
row.item(“Status “example””).Tostring.replace(“”“,”") I get that error

Hello there, I see… I’m thinking that the ‘status’, can be used with single ’ and also as for the for each I guess is only item.(“status’ examppe’”). Tostring.replace…


The chr(34) equals " as string.