Assign: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow

I am trying to calculate the total a certain column by using ‘for each row’ and adding with the assign activity.
Unfortunately I get an error halfway through saying “Assign: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.”
I have removed all the blank cells and null cells with filter datatable but still have the same error.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

Hi @dvn,

Please provide your xaml file are any screen shots.

Error getting scenarios:
1)If you are doing calculations on aggregations on the data then it would appear to be resulting in bigger results then the table structure is expecting.

2)It usually happens when you have a number that is too big or too small to fit into a certain data type. So if you had, say, the number 120398018209571037 and tried to put it into an Int32, you would get this error. You’ll need to put some more information in your code about where this is happening in order to pin it down

Omkar P