'Assign' Activity Scale issue

Size of ‘Assign’ Activity is too small to show the content of this. How to fix that? I have been UiPath developer since 2018 and this problem still exists.
A size of sequences and etc. is scalable. Why assign coudn’t be such too?


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What are you trying to assign using Assign Activity and what error are you getting ?

No one tells you about error.
No error.

I asked about UI scaling of assign activity.

For Example,
the first is not scable (Assign Activity)
the second is scalable (If Activity)


HI Guys

I believe the size of the assign activity is fine rather than having a huge bulky activity hanging around in the control flow. Having it smaller is easy when going through the workflow rather than having a screen full of one activity. I agree, it do not show the entire code right away in the screen. But you can always go to its properties and expand the code area in a sub window which can be expanded to any size you wish for. It’s better to have things simpler in the workflow designer and have the detail stuff separately than having huge size activities… It makes things look simpler and easy to follow :slight_smile:

Well, different people may have different opinions on this. It’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

Hi there,
This Activity is the most commonly used. So to improve usability is needed to access all content easily, not to do a lot of actions per each activity as now.
As it has with Sequence and If Activities. They are scalable in width that depends on content. Not the best way, but it is better than a fixed size.

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