Assign activity encountered processing expression

I Have three boolean variables: bl_A, bl_B, bl_C.
I try to assign (System.Activities.Statements.Assign) the variable bl_C with this logical expression:
And(bl_A, Not(bl_B))
but I get a compiler error about “encountered processing expression”
I hope the screenshots which I upload here are well visible.
Thank you for your help


Hi @Udiar,

Kindly try this assign.

bl_C = bl_A and Not bl_B

Kind Regards.

Hi @Udiar

Use Assign activity

C = A And Not (B)


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Thank you so much! now it works!
I wonder where can I use the logical functions:

All the best

You are welcome, i’m so glad it works. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.

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