Assign a text to many textbox on the website

Hi Everyone.

I want to assign a text ( “OK” ) into many textbox on the website as below picture.

How to assign one time for all of textbox. I think can use Try Catch activity but I do not know how to do it.

Pls suggest me.

Thanks in advance!

Build dynamic selector in your case id property values are changing right for the first text box it’s 0 and second text box it is 1 so you for loop and build the selector …


Hi @trunghai

Does these text boxes have the same selector


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Hi @AshwinS2

Pls check as my above picture.

I have captured selector with each selector… I will increase 0:0 , 0:1, 0:2…

@trunghai Use while condition and inside while condition use one text box and pass counter in the selectors 0:’"+counter.ToString+"’ and increment the counter

Hi @indra

Sorry, could you pls check in my XAML file ?

I’m not clear about you suggest.

Thanks you so much

MRO.xaml (26.5 KB)

Hi @indra

How to check, declare the selector variable of textbox in the While activity ?

@trunghai Pass total count of text box and pass in while condition here i cannot use text box because i am not having any access so i just build a while condition logic in your workflow please check it

MRO.xaml (26.5 KB)

Hi @indra

Thankg you so much!

But how to determine " counter " variable ?

It declared from textbox on website right ?

Sorry all.

I don’t know how to counted textbox quantity on the website which I want to set text on that.

The Textbox Selector as attached file (253 Bytes)

@Palaniyappan will look on this.

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Kindly try with this buddy
if we are typing this inside a browser use attach broswer and select the browser page as element
remove that attach browser and keep all those activities in a sequence alone buddy (5.5 KB)
Cheers @trunghai


Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks you so much for your support.

I have optimized my XAML file base on your XAML file.

But both of process not run exactly… Could you explain the Click activity as below picture do what ?
MRO.xaml (37.1 KB)

Hi @Palaniyappan

I run your process but it not type “OK” into the textbox on website.

Is there something incorrect?

Thanks you

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