Assign a reviewer on exception

Hi all,

Can we assign a reviewer within a project, so that BR exceptions assign to a particular user and system exceptions another, at the point of exception, rather than having to manually assign these?

I want my users to be able to check for and verify/retry exceptions easily, by checking their review requests each morning/throughout the day. Alerts can be picked up by other users first and must be cleared, and checking all queues for exceptions can be a pain when there are many queues and many transactions.



As we know,we could do this only via orchestrator only and there are no other means to do it.May be we could send an mail to the user as an alert

We can do it with the ORC Rest API

for exploring the ORC Rest API we suggest:

For exploring on how actions done in Orchestrator are mapped to calls you can do the following:

  • Browser Developer Tools (F12)
  • go for network analysis and prepare the recordings
  • do the steps in the Orchestrator
  • inspect the recorded network analysis and check for the rest calls


So in the absence of an activity to do this the API could be a good option. Thanks

Follow-up question: Can an admin or manager view another person’s review requests? Whilst in the case of absence a process could be employed to reassign all “In Review” queue items is this avoidable?


Better to open a new topic for this questions. While keeping 1 Topic = 1 Scope we can help other researchers faster to find an answer. Thanks for support

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