Assigment 2 level 3 GenerateYearlyReport

Hi, i have a issue with my workflow,
I have been working on this workflow, but it fails randomly, the selectors should be fine, however the process ends in different parts, sometimes even running for only a second, so I have not been able to move forward and I must deliver it soon.

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Hello @alan.guzman
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Just see output panel for error and send also so I will guide properly


Hello @sandeep13,

this is my output panel,
Prueba2lvl3Parte2 execution started
Prueba2lvl3Parte2 execution ended in: 00:00:19,

no error send, but show the execution ended.

@alan.guzman run it in debug mode buddy.

@venkatmalla6 its the same :frowning:

hello @alan.guzman
please share screenshot if possible


I am sorting out such problem ( script timed out on random items) by customising selectors. Unfortunately, default selector automatically generated by “Indicate UI on screen” does not complete robust. try remove fragments of selector which might makes it extra tight and scripts could not identify UI always correctly.
Also good idea to add activity “wait element appear” as it does not automatically added when recorder is used; play with option “WaitForReady” from interactive to complete.

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