Hi Team,

I have a basic questions about asset. I have an Asset which contains some values like
(Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, June)

  1. How to fetch this asset
  2. I wanted to find a particular word say June present in this asset
    Help needed.


Use Get Asset activity and read that asset and assign it to one string variable and say “monthAsset”

   IF monthAsset.Split(","c).Contains("June")
       Then found 
        Else Not found

Asset can be created in orchestrator
And there are four assets that can be created like
String, number, boolean, credentials

So if these assets are created as individual assets in orchestrator or as a string like “Jan,Feb,March,…Dec.” and not like array or list variable as it’s not possible
Then we can check that asset with the value we have given in orchestrator
Like we can use GetAsset activity in studio where in the property panel mention the asset name from orchestrator as a string between double quotes
Then get the output variable from the get asset as a string variable named str_output
Then we can use a IF condition to check for it
If true it will go to THEN part of the if condition
Cheers @Robotics

Thanks Palani. In place of june i can pass any variable dynamically right ?

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Yah of course
You can with this expression

Cheers @Robotics