Assets/Queues per Process/Environment




If you deploy the same process multiple times on the same server you will need to access different

  • queue items
  • assets values
    However, when you code the workflow you can set only one Asset/Queue name.

It makes logical sense that the assets/queues defined at development time should be able to instantiate different values in different environments.

How it works

  • a process will have associated assets and one (or more?) associated input queues

  • when deployed within a release you will be able to set different values for assets.

  • you’ll be able to use the same queue name across different releases.

  • at runtime queue based activities (Add Queue Item) will add an item into a queue based on the robot’s environment. You know the process and the environment therefore you’ll be able to determine the release.

We will end up with queues that are sharing the same name but they are located in different releases.


  1. UI
  2. What happens if you run a process from Studio? What environment/release are you working with?.

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Removed as in 2017.1 we’ll provide Organization Units to group specific resources.