Asset Naming Standards

Has anyone come up with naming standards for Assets in Orchestrator? A search on the forums shows posts for variable naming standards, but I am curious if someone has come up with good standards for assets. This is what I thought of using (as examples), but am welcome to suggestions.

Global assets can be used by any process, and once changed would apply to all processes that use them:
Global.HomeOffice.Address (e.g. 123 Main St, Anywhere, USA)

Credentials are, well, credentials, but are named for the application and robot that uses them:
Credential.Robot1.Amazon (Robot1’s credentials to log into the Amazon site)

Process specific assets are only to be used by that particular process, not others:
Proc.AmazonOrder.ItemNumber (AmazonOrder is the process name, ItemNumber is the identifier)

I kind of like this naming because it groups the assets together in the list and you can clearly see the scope, or what is using, the assets.

Anyone else have good naming standards for Assets?


@Tuhdae - Thanks for this post! You are thinking in the right direction and I use a similar naming convention.

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I am also using a similar naming convention…

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Hi Tuhdae,

I like your naming standard for Assets, except the one for Credential. I would not include the robot name in the asset name. Instead, I would define the Asset with different values per robot.

Ideally, your process is not linked to a particular robot, it should be able to run on any robot (in the environment). But, if you include the robot name in the asset name, how are you going to execute that process on different robots?




The credential example I have listed is using the values per robot asset as you mentioned, and is indeed unique to only that robot. This scenario is typical when software licensing comes into play and you want to keep costs down by not installing applications on multiple machines, thereby limiting which robots can access the application.

But, to your point, if multiple robots can access the system then an asset name like Credential.PerRobot.Amazon might make sense (or just Credential.Amazon). You would then need to look inside the asset to see which robots have credentials to that particular application.

Thanks for the feedback!

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we use this naming convention for the assets in our project.
For example for an asset variable type string (maybe an url of site) for a process code 003 will be: a_003_s_urlName.

I hope this will help you,
kind regards,