Asset migration help

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Does anyone worked on part where we have to move Assets from one cloud instance to another cloud instance orchestrator.

Tried with orchestrator http request, not working.

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Refer this thread How can I migrate asset from one orchestrator to other? - Help / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum

Hello @NehaG

  1. HTTP Request to Get Assets from Source Orchestrator:

    • Method: GET
    • URL: [SourceOrchestratorUrl]/odata/Assets
    • Configure headers and authentication for the source Orchestrator.
  2. Deserialize JSON Response:

    • Deserialize the JSON response into a variable named AssetData.
  3. Loop Through Assets and Save Relevant Data:

    • For each asset in AssetData:
      • Extract relevant information (name, value, etc.) and save it into variables or a data structure.
  4. Loop to Import Asset Data to Destination Orchestrator:

    • For each saved asset data:
      • HTTP Request to Create Assets in Destination Orchestrator:
        • Method: POST
        • URL: [DestinationOrchestratorUrl]/odata/Assets
        • Configure headers and authentication for the destination Orchestrator.
        • Include payload with asset data for creation.

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Can you please help to me know how to do this, I have administrator access of cloud instances, just want to know how to do authentication of orchestrator, if we are going to use Http request ?


  1. Get Orchestrator API Key:
  • Log in to Orchestrator.
  • Go to Settings > API Access.
  • Generate a new API key.
  1. Configure HTTP Request in UiPath:
  • Use the HTTP Request activity.
  • Set the endpoint URL to the Orchestrator API endpoint.
  • Set the method (GET, POST, etc.).
  • Add headers:
    • Authorization: Set the value to Bearer [Your-API-Key].
    • Content-Type: Set the value to application/json if sending JSON.

Hey @Kartheek_Battu, sorry for troubling you more.
I tried but not getting as expected result.
Can you please send sample workflow when you ll get time.