Asset does not belong to datatable

I am getting attached error in Get Asset Value Section. Can someone please help me here. I have used Asset Name as row(“Assets”).ToString
Please find attached screenshot and config file

Error: Get Asset Value: Column ‘Assets’ does not belong to table .

Config.xlsx (19.0 KB)

It should be row(“Name”).ToString which basically is row(ColumnName).ToString

Hi @SowmyaLeo I did now I’m getting this error
“Get Asset Value: Could not find an asset with this name. Error code: 1002”


Kindly ensure that the Orchestrator Asset is available with the Name specified.
In your case there should be an Asset “EmailLog_Text” in the Orchestrator.

Also please ensure that when reading the Config file the “Add Headers” property is enabled. This will ensure that the first row of the file is a header.