Asset Authorization Error "You Are Not Authenticated"

When switching from on-premise to cloud and running processes with the 20.10.7 version of UiPath Assistant, the 19.x versions of the System.Activities packages are incompatible with Cloud, resulting in a process execution error: "You are not authenticated"

Verifying Run Results After 20.x Version Upgrade
• UiPath.System.Activities": Performed normally in "[20.10.4]
• UiPath.System.Activities: 19.10.1 Package version failed: Authenticated on Asset call Error code: 0
• UiPath.System.Activities": "[20.10.4], [22.4.5]" Package Version Confirmation of Performance

Issue Description:
The project developed in an older version of Studio, is published to Cloud Orchestrator. While running the process, the "You are not authenticated " error is thrown for the Get Asset activity. The roles and permissions are defined correctly.

Root Cause:
The UiPath.System.Activities package is on 19.10.1 version and the dependency mismatch is causing the issue.


  • Update the UiPath.System.Activities package to the latest version.