Assembly With same name already loaded

Hi devs, please I am using invoke code for windows version but I got the error above, please how do I resolve?

Hi @RPA-botDev !
Never had the error, but let’s try to find a solution :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
What is the assembly that you are trying to load ? In what language is your Studio, and in what language is your Invoke Code set to ? language. passed argument to the codes

Hi @RPA-botDev,

I can’t see any errors in your query. Can you please share the error screenshot which you’re facing?


Did you use the ‘Invoke Code’ activity? In case you did, see post Invoke Code Activity: Assembly with same name is already loaded
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I’m also running in to this issue. I’m running 2021.10.5 Enterprise. Is there a patch for this version or is it only available in community?