.aspx Website Table Extraction results in Empty cells

I try to do a Table Extraction of a table on a website(ending with .aspx).
The Name: and Lastname: text gets copied to the table but not the John and Smith text. The cells for the John and Smith are blank. How do I progress from here?

                        <span id="MainSite_Name">**Name:** </span>
                        <input name="ctl00$MainSite$tbxEnhet" type="text" value="*John*" maxlength="50" readonly="readonly" id="MainSite_tbxEnhet" class="textReadOnly" style="width:50%;" />
                        <span id="MainSite_Lastname">**Lastname:**</span>
                        <input name="ctl00$MainSite$tbxLast" type="text" value="*Smith*" maxlength="50" readonly="readonly" id="MainSite_tbxLast" class="textReadOnly" style="width:500px;" />


As it is an active server page so values are dynamic. You need to use dynamic selector with either “Get Text” or Get Attribute inside for each loop with condition whether value exist or not.
Look into sample workflow
Main.xaml (5.7 KB)

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