Asking Write Range in dynamic Sheet Excel

Hi All,

i have condition when i try to Write Range, but always error.
what i want to write is in Column No Asset and also in different Sheet.

Pls advise.

What i can understand from your query is:

You want to write that 7940 to the No Asset column am i right?

if yes. please follow only for 1 data:

you can use Write cell activity

inside the value field pass the Capture.
in the range give P1.

that’s it.

Please follow the below steps for multiple data:

1.take one build data table and create the required columns Date Acquired to No Asset output-DT.
2.Take one for each row in dataTable activity. and pass the DT.
now move the activity inside the for each row this will work for n number of data. which you wants to write to the No Asset column.
3.Take one Add data row activity. in the properties inside the array row type like this. {capture} and DataTable as DT.


ok, noted,since i have another way to make it working. Thank you in advance.

Cheers @Felix_Gunawan