Asking user to select from the list

I am trying to automate the timesheet and i am making it dynamic,
at a point there few fields where we need to select the Project code and activity from the search/the list provided. so i tried to scrap this data and do it but i am stuck at how to proceed next. i want robot to display this list to the user and ask to select required one. PFB screen

The below image has list of proj codes i want this codes to be shown to user for there selection.
similary there are different options in activity field too.

Hi ,

If user knows the exact value to enter in Project , Activity and other lookup fields, you can do directly type into activity - enter the desired value + add tab key and proceed to next field.

This works only if the value entered matches with the data in the lookup, else a new look up window/Pop Up will be displayed to pick the right values.

Vishal Kumar