Ask GPT confidence percentage

Hi ,

Is it possible to capture confidence percentage along with answers at which ask gpt has answered to the questions ?I need to capture confidence percentage along with ask gpt answer

Hi @kishore.mopur ,

Could you give an example for what type of Queries you would need the Confidence ?

I am trying to identify disease name based on symptoms from word document ,it is able to give answers but along with answer need confidence percentage of answers and do we have any option to get response in Json format .

@kishore.mopur ,

The AskGPT should work similar to ChatGPT, where we ask Intelligent Queries and get the result as in the Required Format.

An Example is provided below :

The Same Question could be routed to the AskGPT and you should be able to get the Output, However, the formatting or parsing the output needs to be done customly.

Note: Providing Context, Providing the Output Format Representation is required so that the GPT model can understand what needs to be done with the result that it retrieves.

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