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May i ask that is it feasible to put the data from two columns (E2:E3), (E4:E5) and so on and (F2:F3), (F4:F5) and so on from seed sheet and then paste it to one column (G2:G20) from output sheet?
Explanation: From seed sheet: (E2:E3) and (F2:F3), given the amount of data is E2=E3 and F2=F3; E4=E5 and F4=F5… and so on.

To column G in output sheet: paste (E2:E3) to G2, paste (F2:F3) to G3; paste (E4:E5) to G4, paste (F4:F5) to G5; paste (E6:E7) to G6, paste (F6:F7) to G7

May i ask is it feasible to do it? and/ or what method do i need to use if it is feasible?


You can directly use excel formula for the same…

Or use write cell and write the formula as you need if you mean you need to divide you can or you want to concatenate both values you can…and then use auto fill range…to fill same formula down the excel


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Hi @Happydayyy

Can you provide us the sample input and expected output, so that I can help you out.


@Happydayyy - you can use read range and write range activities.

I know i need to use the write range, but i am confused how to use assign and write cell, many thanks.

i am confusing how to put the data highlighted in green (column AB) and in blue (column AC) from seed file to the data highlighted in green (cell E2, E4, E6…) and in blue (cell E3, E5, E7…) from the output file.

Hi @Happydayyy

Check out this thread.


May i ask what happen to it, once i change the file location and sheet name in UiPath, there have some issues in read range.

Many thanks for your sample!!!

Yet, if i want to show the name in row A in each column, I tick the AddHeaders inside the properties of read range, but there seems have some issues. It seems can’t read it?