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Because when I execute the process in orchestator it is executed, but it does not send the mail that was programmed in the process, it does not send anything I do not know when it executes. There is something else that must be configured to do it.

Hello @Jhunior,

When you run your automation through uipath then does uipath send/ an e-mail or execute mail activity?


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Hi, orchestrator does not send job or schedule success status but if job is failed then you will get email notification if you configured in settings.
To get notifications upon successful execution, you need to add 'send email’s actions in your robot.

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For example, my process that is what is in the image, when I run it in the UIpath if it sends emails, but when I upload it to the orchestator in schedules it appears executing me, but when I check my mail the messages do not arrive.


thanks for your answer, there was a problem in the configuration of the SMTP modify it resolved :slight_smile: