AS400 Terminal Automation Not Working Correctly

Hi ,
I am working on AS400 automation , i am able to connect using uipath internal and enter some commands and passing Transmitt key but after navigating to some screens recording wizzard is not displaying all the options/text on screen which are available. We are able to see all options when we do it manually accessing terminal , also i am not able to pass functional keys , it throws functional keys are not allowed. Please help me on this.

If you have enterprise version, you should probably escalate to technical support. Chances are your functional keys are not supported by UiPath and the emulator (we have a similar issue). As a workaround, you can perform TypeInto or Send Hotkey, but sparingly, and this requires that you ensure the window selector is unique by either closing all instances of the window first or finding the selector of the current instance (not that easy).

I can’t comment much on the wizard, because I feel it doesn’t perform very well. I suggest developing a good idea how to design in your mainframe emulator, like for example using Wait for text for every new screen, Move cursor position followed by Send Text, et cetera, then you could place the steps in really quick and won’t need a wizard.

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