AS400 screen goes blank while running the Job & BOT gets crashed

Hi All,

I’m trying to run a sequential list of Jobs in As400 through UiPath BOT. And until the 1st job get’s completed, I can’t trigger the 2nd Job. In the mean while BOT will keep on monitoring the Job run page & if any error appears then BOT will send a mail to concern team. But while running the Job all of sudden screen gets blank & BOT gets crashed & along with it session gets logged out. there is neither a fix pattern nor fix duration of time for which screen will be blank.
BOT can only interact with screen between coordinates 1/1 to 24/80 but between these coordinates nothing appeas when screen goes blank.
I’m not able to find out any solution to handle this issue through BOT. Kindly help.

Thanks in Advance
Anupam Singh