Arrows shown in Sequence Activiy

Dear Members ,

Suddenly since today morning , under any sequence , do activity there are arrows shown in my UiPath.

IS there any place where we can activie it and I might have done it by mistake.

Just suprised.

Ofcourse, it does not affect the functionality

Minal Gupta

@MinalGupta since the uipath has updated its version some new features are added into it.nothing more than that present version is 2019.7.0

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Hi @MinalGupta

Its just an update in newer version of uipath studio
Generally made to make it easier visually on what activities are used along the sequence,
and how the different containers are connected with each other…
which would help us to identify them individually when we debug
well for this

we dont have an option for this, hope that does’t matter

Happy automation
Cheers @MinalGupta

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Thanks Palaniyappan, But i am working on 2019.6.0 version and i did not update to any future version. How did it change it by itself?


Go to Help section and help us screenshot of it and will check it once.

Please find attached the screenshot of help section.

It says it right there in the bottom left, you’re on 2019.7.0 .

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oh yeah , i can see now… thanks @DanielMitchell

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