ArrayRow input is throwing error while adding array in Add Data Row activity in REFramework

This above is throwing error I have provided Array Row input {[Invoice Number],[“Invoice Item”],[Total]}. Unable to understand what is exact issue.
Trying to practice question paper and also unable to understand what exactly need to do in below problem statement.
“For each row in the datatable, Add a queue item containing the Invoice Number, Invoice Item and Total.” Kindly, help

it should be like this!

In Add Datarow activity along the ArrayRow property mention the input in the form of array
And the number of elements mentioned in the array must be equal to number of columns in your datatable

So here if they are variable mention as

If it’s a string value then mention as
And mention the datatable name as well so that this array will be inserted under each column as a new row

Cheers @Saumyas84

Thank you… it worked :slight_smile:


Cheers @Saumyas84

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